Arya Sangha: Assembly of Noble Wisdom

Siddhas do not celebrate birthdays, nor do they pose for photographs, write books, or use titles like 'Holiness', 'Reverend', 'Doctor' or 'Venerable'. They do not seek adulation or devotees, nor do they reveal themselves to the sensation-seeking media. These anonymous free spirits move at will like the wind.

When a Siddha speaks it is often in riddles with multiple meanings but it is always the Eternal Dharma, and wherever they choose to be, they are attended to by an enlightened community – Arya Sangha – from the four quarters of the world.
Yogaswami of Nallur (1872-1964) Thirivadi Trust
Natchintanai Sayings of Yogaswami book cover

This is the Sangha or community that for centuries found felicity in the holy island of Lanka. Yogaswami's lineage that beginning from Siva Dakshinamurthi was transmitted to him by Chellapah Swami who in turn was initiated by Kadai Swami who in turn had been initiated in a succession by siddhas in Tamil Nadu.

Yogaswami of Nallur: His Songs and Sayings

Yogaswami of Nallur lived in Jaffna, Sri Lanka for over ninety years, and left his body only in 1964. His songs and sayings flowed from him spontaneously and were recorded by anyone who happened to be present. His songs and utterances, published under the title Natchintanai or 'Good Thoughts', can now be downloaded as a single PDF file.


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